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Here are some really nice things some really nice folks have said about Tom's work

"Brilliant…witty…charming…an absolute delight"


"Delightful cartoon-style illustrations"


"Perfect to read aloud"

"A spooky wee tale with lots of heart" 
- Ross Collins

"like no other picturebook I’ve ever seen…"
- Author Philip Ardagh

"I bet he checked it after he did it to make sure it was OK”
- Charlie aged 4

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"Gorgeous illustrations"


"bold, exciting, innovative, geographic, educational and just plain fun!"


"The leading lights of guerrilla geography"


"The highlight of this book, though, is the illustrations, which manage to be both frightening and comic."

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"it may just be the most revolutionary geography-related book ever published"


"The illustrations are beautiful"

"Great artwork and brilliant cover"

- Winnie the Witch illustrator Korky Paul 

"I'm purring at the loveliness of it all"  

- Author Philip Ardagh

"the illustrations add to the humour"


"I like your elephant"
- Spike Milligan

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"I think you understand everything doesn't have to be perfect. And you can colour it in any way you want."

- Stella aged 7

"It’s always a pleasure to work with Tom Morgan-Jones. He brings an energy, humour, creativity and, importantly, and openness to the work he does. He has a great gift to be able to respond to the brief, regardless of the art form or subject and provides engaging, thought-provoking responses to enable audiences to connect with and enjoy the splendour of art."

Janet Smyth,

Depute Head of Learning & Engagement


“I've called upon Tom's wonderful talents as an illustrator on so many occasions I couldn't begin to list them all, and have recommended him at least as often. Tom's work is so far from the bland Illustrator product we too often encounter these days – it is absolutely fresh, unique stuff, loaded with character and evoking the spirit of some of our greatest illustrators – Quentin Blake, Gerald Scarfe, Ronald Searle and John Tenniel. Yet it is always true to his own style. It's always Tom."

- Toby Venables, Creative Director

"Tom that is BRILLIANT!! I love it! Made me laugh out loud. It's silly, joyous, fun and sciency... I'd say you hit the nail on the head. The more I look at it, the more I like it even."


One happy client

"Working with you on this was in the top 10 creative experiences in my life, in process, efficiency and result."


An out of the blue email

at the end of a nice wee project

from a lovely American creative

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