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Tom Morgan-Jones is an award winning illustrator based in Cambridge, UK. His work is widely and internationally published, from Children's books and magazines to satirical boardgames.

Feel free to contact him to discuss illustration or commissions.

Illustration: Opiates....
Illustration: Sad Scene.
Illustration: Caliban being Scoulded by Prospero.
Illustration: Make a Stick Insect.
Illustration: Crunch - The game for utter bankers.
Illustration: War on Terror - Edition 2.
Illustration: Snarling Hounds.
Illustration: The Tempest Cover.

On the 02/09/2014, Tom Morgan-Jones stated that...
This week I've just finished a series of six Shakespeare books for Wayland/Hachette publishers, two due out in Oct, Nov and Dec. I'm looking forward to seeing them come out, oh yes. They have been adapted for children by the very clever Anna Claybourne. Check out the Children's Book section for a taste of what's to come. My children's book agent has just updated and snazyified our website which you can check out here. All you Australians who love New Internationalist magazine, I've designed some t-shirts for you...Check them out here. I should tweet more, it wouldn't be difficult, if you fancy tweeting at me to get me going give it a go here: @TomMorganJones