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Tom Morgan-Jones is an award winning illustrator based in Cambridge, UK. His work is widely and internationally published, from Children's books and magazines to satirical boardgames.

Feel free to contact him to discuss illustration or commissions.

Illustration: Cambridge Rock Family Tree - The Vermin....
Illustration: The Hen Commandments Box.
Illustration: The Barman.
Illustration: The Boy and the Globe End papers.
Illustration: War on Terror - Edition 2.
Illustration: Falling out with Uncle Sam?.
Illustration: Howard Jacobson.
Illustration: Hamlet Cover.

On the 13/04/2016, Tom Morgan-Jones stated that...
I've written a blog about my new children's book 'The Boy and the Globe'. This fine book is written by the bard that is Tony Bradman and published by the great folk at Barrington Stoke. The Bookseller said of it "This entertaining novel, for readers aged seven to nine, features drawings throughout by Tom Morgan-Jones which have a touch of Ronald Searle about them: it also includes a section of 'Funne Activities for Boyes and Girls'. Perfect for reluctant readers and youngsters new to Shakespeare." You could have knocked me over with a quill pen. In other news, my latest satirical offering in game form 'The Hen Commandments' is available to order here Feel free to give the online egg randomizer a spin, to get a feel for what's in store. And may the Great Egg in the sky be upon you, or within you, or however you prefer your egg. My children's book agent has just updated and snazyified our website which you can check out here. I should tweet more, it wouldn't be difficult, if you fancy tweeting at me to get me going give it a go here: @TomMorganJones